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    Drupal Development
  • Drupal 8

    The next version of Drupal - 8 - is already under active development and we are part of it!

    Drupal 7 is awesome, but Drupal 8 is even better. Here a very short summary of what's new:

    • Configuration management (CMI) - built-in!
    • Symfony 2 - Drupal 8 builds upon Symfony2 components
    • Full multilingual support of content & configuration - built-in!
    • Restful web services - built in!
    • Views module - built-in!
    • Twig template engine, HTML 5 and a responsive admin interface - built-in!
  • fluxkraft - open and powerful web automation

    fluxkraft automates your web-based workflows!

    Connect and automate tools like facebook and dropbox or schedule tweets to promote your website content.