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Online publishing made easy with Drupal and Thunder - the Drupal-based CMS by publishers for publishers.

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Thunder is a Drupal based online publishing solution that has been developed by the publishing industry for the publishing industry. It builds upon the current Drupal CMS functionality and incorporates many useful modules from publishers and industry partners, with the possibility to easily develop and add new functionality.

Thunder was first published in 2016 by Hubert Burda Media. It continues to be well maintained. Behind them are media entrepreneurs, developers and industry partners from all over the world, called the Thunder Coalition. Anyone can install Thunder and use or customize existing modules. The CMS is provided under the "GNU General Public License Version 2 or later".


  1. ParagraphsParagraphs

    Content creation based on flexible content elements

  2. CrosslinkingCrosslinking

    Reference and link to articles within the website

  3. Media libraryMedia library

    With support for cropping and lazy loading of images

  4. SchedulingScheduling

    Scheduled publication of articles

  5. SitemapsSitemaps

    Automated creation of sitemaps

  6. Responsive PreviewResponsive Preview

    Preview of articles for mobile devices and tablets with Device Preview

  7. SEO OptimizedSEO Optimized

    Optimises and prepares for Google AMP publications

  8. Real-time BloggingReal-time Blogging

    Via the Liveblog module, which is co-developed by drunomics

  9. UsabilityUsability

    A user-friendly administration interface

drunomics is a Certified Thunder Integrator

As the first Certified Thunder Integrator in Austria we can draw upon long-time experience in the development of Thunder-based projects.

To highlight a few of our Thunder projects: Publishing

The Headless Thunder

Based on the Thunder CMS and Lupus Decoupled Drupal, drunomics developed a Decoupled Online Publishing solution, leveraging the modern front-end technology Nuxt.js. In cooperation with the Thunder Coalition and working with publishing companies directly, we contributed to the Thunder project as well as creating an out-of-the-box solution that includes additional features. logo

Functionality of

  1. Lupus Layout-Page-BuilderLupus Layout-Page-Builder
  2. Form BuilderForm Builder
  3. Consent ManagerConsent Manager
  4. Article SuggestionsArticle Suggestions
  5. Author Profiles and Topic PagesAuthor Profiles and Topic Pages
  6. AdvertorialsAdvertorials
  7. E-Paper IntegrationE-Paper Integration
  8. Adition Marketing IntegrationAdition Marketing Integration
  9. ÖWA IntegrationÖWA Integration
  10. Solr SearchSolr Search
  11. CDN IntegrationCDN Integration
  12. Improved CachingImproved Caching Contentpool

This solution integrates fully with Contentpool. Via the contentpool, content is centrally managed in a single Drupal CMS-Backend and distributed to multiple portals. Reducing complexity, eliminating redundancy and increasing efficiency, the Contentpool saves you time and money. 

Create once - publish everywhere!

Still have questions?

If you have questions about Thunder, or our Contentpool, contact us.