Starter Package

Build projects faster and more cost-effective!


More features, less cost!

Based on Lupus Decoupled Drupal, drunomics has developed a starter package that integrates the best solutions from our years of experience in using Drupal professionally. This enhances Drupal with many useful features that work out of the box. Thus, by using this starter package, we can implement projects faster, better, and more cost-effectively! Furthermore, thanks to the standardization and quality-assured updates provided by, it has become possible to significantly reduce the costs of operation and maintenance! Features

  1. Predefined page typesPredefined page types

    Easily create the basic structure of the website with section pages or custom pages.

  2. Lupus Layout BuilderLupus Layout Builder

    Flexible page design through customizable layouts.

  3. Marketing BlocksMarketing Blocks

    Blocks like various heros, call-to-action sections, or newsletter sign-ups.

  4. News & ArticlesNews & Articles

    with numerous features such as the "More Articles" and "Related Articles" sections.

  5. Form builderForm builder

    with evaluation, Excel export, and email notifications.

  6. SEO & Social SharingSEO & Social Sharing

    Appropriate meta tags for social media and optimized for search engines

  7. High-performance implementationHigh-performance implementation

    thanks to optimized caching and CDN integration.

  8. OmnichannelOmnichannel

    API-first architecture and powerful data modeling tools

  9. Compliant & AccessibleCompliant & Accessible

    GDPR-compliant and accessible implementation

Versatile extensions

Thanks to a variety of readily available extensions, even more complex websites can be quickly implemented with Some of the available extensions include:

  • Advanced search via Solr Search
  • Multilingual features for multilingual websites
  • SEO+ with improved sitemaps for large websites

 just as the easily customizable Frontend Kickstart theme!

Moreover, with for publishers, a wide variety of extensions for online magazines and newspapers is available!


Orb of power
Contentpool architecture Contentpool

The Contentpool extension allows the operation of multiple websites from just a single Drupal backend. With our Contentpool, content for the portals can be centrally managed in a single CMS backend, while each website can be easily customized and given an independent design in the frontend - thanks to the headless approach. This reduces efforts and redundancies in running multiple websites and lowers costs.

Managed CMS Cloud for

The managed CMS Cloud combines the benefits of with a managed cloud solution for European companies and publishers. It is GDPR-compliant, scalable, and future-proof.