Nuxt - The intuitive Web Framework

Nuxt is an open-source JavaScript framework based upon Vue.js. It makes frontend web development simple and powerful. That’s why we love combining Nuxt on the frontend with Drupal on the backend!

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Headless Drupal with Nuxt.js

We've selected Nuxt.js as the frontend framework for Lupus Decoupled Drupal und

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Drupal - the world's best CMS!

The CMS’s modular structure ensures that it is suitable for both simple websites as well as for large-scale Enterprise CMS sites. Regardless if you are a company, an organisation or a public authority, Drupal has become the first choice due to its high standards of usability, flexibility, performance and security, which is especially relevant for high quality web solutions. For those reasons, organisations such as the United Nations, Pfizer, Kurier and OSCE - just to name a few - have chosen to go with the Open Source Content Management System Drupal.