Nuxt - The intuitive Web Framework

Nuxt is an open-source JavaScript framework based upon Vue.js. It makes frontend web development simple and powerful. That’s why we love combining Nuxt on the frontend with Drupal on the backend!

Nuxtjs Logo


  1. IntuitiveIntuitive

    Great developer experience

  2. ZERO ConfigurationZERO Configuration

    Develop your app, Nuxt.js takes care of the rest.

  3. Automated ROUTINGAutomated ROUTING

    File system routing and code splitting for every page

  4. Rendering possibilitiesRendering possibilities

    Static site generation or Server side rendering, Nuxt.js makes it possible

  5. Modular ecosystemModular ecosystem

    Over 160+ Nuxt.js modules guarantee flexibility

  6. Optimized PerformanceOptimized Performance

    Nuxt.js ist fast - ideal for Google und SEO.

Headless Drupal with Nuxt.js

We've selected Nuxt.js as the frontend framework for Lupus Decoupled Drupal und