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The world's best CMS - but why?


2.2% of all websites run on Drupal; for CMS-supported websites Drupal even boasts a market share of 4.8%. With its widespread distribution and high profile sites like, or, Drupal has shown that it has the potential to meet the needs of large organizations and highly visited websites.

Drupal 8

Drupal 7 is awesome, but Drupal 8 is even better. Here a very short summary of what's new:

  • Configuration management (CMI) - built-in!
  • Symfony 2 - Drupal 8 builds upon Symfony2 components
  • Full multilingual support of content & configuration - built-in!
  • Restful web services - built in!
  • Views module - built-in!
  • Twig template engine, HTML 5 and a responsive admin interface - built-in!

Open Source

Drupal is an open source software and is available to download for free for everyone. The project has a vibrant developer community that works not only on Drupal, but also maintains thousands of extension modules - all available for free as open source software.

CMS and Framework

Drupal is not only a CMS, but also a framework for implementing almost any web application. Drupal impresses with its modular design and flexibility - a combination that allows developers to choose from a huge number of contributed modules to build great web applications in a very short time, while it's flexibility enables the detailed customization of those applications in order to suit your needs.

Ease of Use

Drupal's user interface makes it easy to manage your content, so you can keep control over the content of your website. Thanks to the versatility of its contributed modules, Drupal makes it easy to create a customized interface dedicated to your requirements and workflows, such that every day work can be done in an efficient manner!

Cutting-Edge Trends & Tools

Thanks to Drupal's large community of developers, whose contributions are always up to date, new trends are implemented in a very short time. For example, only a few hours after the Google+ social network was released, Drupal had a contributed module fo the integration.

Furthermore, Drupal meets all the requirements and provides all necessary development tools when it comes to optimizing websites for display on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Multilingualism, Accessibility and Search Engine Optimization

Multilingual websites with Drupal are no issue. The system is very accessible and optimized for search engines out of the box - a fact that makes Drupal the ideal foundation for your success on the web.