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Drupal Consulting

Do you need help choosing the right Drupal modules?

We don’t know every single Drupal module, as there are thousands, but yes, most of them! Our developers live in the Drupal issue queue, and some of the Drupal module maintainers are our best friends. ;)

In addition, we continuously test new features and technologies, always trying to find the ideal way to solve an issue. This and our experience from multiple client projects helps us to be really up to-date.

Any questions about site architecture?

Drupal is capable of building really complex systems including multiple types of entities and hundreds of fields. Your data is the foundation for everything else, so making sure it's structured appropriately in advance makes your life easier!

Fortunately, we have deep knowledge in Drupal’s entity system and can help you to architect both simple and complex data systems.

Lost in Drupal theming?

No problem, we guide you through the Drupal theming forest. We know Drupal’s most used base themes very well and are aware of current front-end development trends. In our projects we love to use SASS, compass and susy. This helps us to share theming components and to provide state-of-the-art markup and CSS.

Responsive layouts - we have a crush on you! Optimizing our applications for multiple devices, including mobile ones, is one of our core competences.

I can be your module,
you can be my theme!

Does your site need performance improvements?

The time needed to load a website or a web application is crucial when it comes to user experience, and there are plenty of tweaks that can be used to improve Drupal’s loading performance.

Simultaneously, we support you to optimize your websites for viewing it on mobile devices. It is very important for responsive websites to have minimal markup, javascript and CSS so they can load fast even on slower connections also.

Drupal development, maybe in a team?

Do you want to learn about applying Drupal best practices? What about your development workflow? Are your team members working together efficiently? You heard about continuous integration and you need help for setting it up? We can help with that - and more!

Do you want to build a customized shop system with Drupal Commerce; maybe one with an optimized back-end workflow for your employees? We would love to share our knowledge with you!

Site audits

You want to improve the quality of your existing site? Or, maybe you inherited an existing Drupal installation from someone else?

We can help you! We can audit your site and check for common problems, security concerns and best practices. Further focus could be front and back-end performance or a basic SEO check.

We look forward to discussing further details with you. Contact us!