fluxkraft - Our goals and some usecases


After reading our introduction to fluxkraft you will have a general idea about the project. But what are the main goals of the project? What use-cases do we think about?

As you probably already know fluxkraft is aimed to simplify web automation, licensed as open-source software and thus being extensible and free to install on your own server.

The three constituent parts of fluxkraft are:

  • A downloadable installation profile, based on PHP and Drupal, like Commerce KickTravelingstart or Acquia Commons. Everyone can use it, all you will need is a simple webspace and a database.
  • A central repository for browsing and sharing rules will be available on fluxkraft.com.
  • An API enabling developers to integrate other services.

But what are the use case cases?

The use cases are endless, in the beginning, we want to concentrate on providing events, conditions and actions for Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds. Think about sending e-mail notifications or tweets when there is a new RSS Feed item mentioning a special keyword or post feed items to Facebook. But as soon as the API is ready to use we hope to see multiple other services integrated by the community. We have plenty of ideas about what services can be connected, and you probably do too.

Yes we have some goals

Traveling back to the future? No, not for now. But we want to achieve the following:

  •  The already available Rules module is becoming a tool also for non-developers (like content creators or social media staff).
  •  fluxkraft.com is becoming a central repository for awesome Rules and is used by a vibrant community
  •  fluxkraft is becoming a tool also for non Drupal users. Drupal is just one service provider.

...and some ideas for the future,node-specific

  • Having connectors to a wide range of services: Foursquare, Evernote, Pocket, SalesForce, OwnCloud, Dropbox, you name it.
  • Scheduling tweets / Facebook shares when adding content. In Drupal this could be done by adding node specific rules in the node edit form.
  • Integrate social media or content monitoring: Log node-specific tweets or react on mentions. Compare KPIs to history and react to changes, Schedule content publishing (content plan) or monitor content performance/quality.
  • Configurable event streams.
  • Integrate Arduino or other devices. Be creative!

Please help

We need help! Give feedback or add your own connector integrations once the API is done.

If interested please follow @fluxkraft or contact us!