Survey results for Blocks & Layouts from D7 to D8


For my Blocks & Layouts presentation at our local Drupal Austria Meetup, Drupal Dev Days Szeged & recently at DrupalCamp Donetsk, I have reached out to the community to gather some data. 60 participants provided their input on their favorite Drupal 7 layout tools and what they expect from Drupal 8. It's time to share the results:

Which approaches are you using for realizing layouts in Drupal 7?

survey results of most used drupal 7 tools

This is my favorite blocks & layouts related module

favorite drupal blocks and layouts

What are you most excited about or wish for Drupal 8

survey results of favorite drupal 8 tools

I have posted some further thoughts on Blocks & Layouts in D8 at my Drupal Dev Days Szeged wrap-up, and will cross-post a link to the survey results on the g.d.o survey post. Also check out my slides and let us hear your thoughts.