drunomics BoF session at DDD24 by Roderik and Alexandru
Custom Elements UI: quicker changes to your decoupled Drupal site

Custom Elements UI: quicker changes to your decoupled Drupal site

Roderik Muit

New Custom Elements module version

The Custom Elements module is an essential building block in the technology stack that drunomics uses to build headless Drupal solutions, facilitating output of pages in either 'custom elements' or JSON format as the front end requires it.

The newest version of the module features a user interface to modify any entity that is part of the output: any property can be included/excluded, and output format can be changed, without the need to write Drupal/PHP code. This allows a developer to more easily change both the backend API output and the decoupled frontend consuming the output at the same time, making for faster turnaround times in changes to your website.

Our talk at Drupal Developer Days Burgas

Roderik Muit and Alexandru Ieremia chaired an informal (Birds of a Feather) session at Drupal Developer Days in Burgas in June 2024, to prevent the new changes to any interested parties. They also prepared some information about the larger Lupus Decoupled stack for any interested attendees who would not be familiar with it yet.

After the presentation, an animated discussion followed. Some people were curious how the Custom Elements UI worked, what the code behind it looks like and how to write own 'formatters'.

Another person said that Lupus Decoupled seems to exactly satisfy their need to address the resource heavy JSON:API queries in his current main website. He was encouraged to try out a demo and ask any questions in our issue queue or on #lupus-decoupled on Drupal Slack. Users were assured that Lupus Decoupled is ready to use (for experienced developers) and completely open source.

The new Custom Elements version with UI to alter output, is currently available as a development version; we are working to finalize a beta release as soon as possible.

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photo of session presented at dev days 2024

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