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Lupus Nuxt.js Drupal Stack


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2019 bis 2022

Component-oriented Decoupled Drupal with Nuxt.js!

The Lupus Nuxt.js Drupal Stack combines the power of Drupal 9 with Nuxt.js, the intuitive and powerful Vue.js framework. The stack forms the base for Lupus Decoupled Drupal - which focuses on making Decoupled Drupal easy! It's our go-to-setup for new projects and forms the base for our in-house Drupal distribution to lupus.digital for years.



  • Make building Decoupled Drupal sites easy!
  • Enable frontend developers to take control of the frontend, while backend developers focus on the backend.
  • Allow usage of the modern frontend framework of choice.
  • Keep compatibility with Drupal's powerful editorial tools and modules.


Get in touch to learn more or checkout the website of the Lupus Nuxt.js Drupal stack and the Drupal project of Lupus Decoupled Drupal!


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