Wolfgang Ziegler

Wolfgang Ziegler

Managing Partner & CTO
Drupal Evangelist since 2005, Drupal Core contributor & contrib Maintainer. Graduated at the Technical University of Vienna in Information & Knowledge Management. On drupal.org: fago. Strengths: analytical thinking, problem solving. Weaknesses: can never get enough... loves good music and when things come together.
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Custom Elements: A solution for soft-decoupled Drupal!

Custom Elements10. September 2020
When it comes to decoupling, it turns out there are many options on how to decouple. Not only are there many technology choices in choosing the right frontend framework and APIs involved, the questions become also more foundational: Which system should be in charge for handing different aspects of the applicaiton, e.g. routing, placing blocks or authentication?
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Drupal 8 beta1 released at Drupalcon Amsterdam!

DrupalCon26. November 2015
Last week we had to pleasure to join 2300 other Drupals to visit Drupalcon Amsterdam. Besides the usual great number of sessions and BoFs, the highlight of the conference was the first Drupal 8 beta release. Also, the conference was a great opportunity to present together with Kristof De Jaeger (swentel) and Yves Chedemois (yched) about the recent Entity Field API improvements. The session was a revival of the gorgeous presentation we did in Portland and a great success. If you missed it, check out the recording.