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Custom Elements: A solution for soft-decoupled Drupal!

When it comes to decoupling, it turns out there are many options on how to decouple. Not only are there many technology choices in choosing the right frontend framework and APIs involved, the questions become also more foundational: Which system should be in charge for handing different aspects of the applicaiton, e.g. routing, placing blocks or authentication?

Meet us at Drupal Europe

Drupal Europe is the main gathering of the European Drupal Community of this year. People from the European and global Drupal community collaborate together on tackling challenges and engage in order to make Drupal grow both as a technology and as a brand.

Things to do around Drupalcon Vienna

While the Drupalcon webseite has a good few pointers to the well-known major tourist attractions, as locals we'd like to share our knowledge about some of our favourite places with you! Check out the list of our recommendations!