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Drupal site development

You’ve taken your first steps with Drupal and want to learn more? With this training we will give you an overview about the most important Drupal modules and the right way to use and combine them. You will learn to create flexible websites – even without a working knowledge in programming - and you will be able to reach your goals faster through smart combinations of existing modules.

Specialisation areas: Drupal Commerce (e-commerce), Multilingual Drupal, Drupal module development, Drupal development in a team, or SEO for Drupal


Our standard 2-days site building workflow contains the following modules:

Site building - First steps

  • Drupal introduction
  • Site buildung basics
  • Content management - nodes, content types & taxonomies
  • Layout basics - blocks, regions & menus
  • Configuration - global settings, users, roles & permissions
  • design & theming foundations

Site building - Diving deep 1

  • Architectural decisions
  • Best-practice modules
  • Views - Creating dynamic content listings
  • Overview of and where you can find additional support

Site building - Diving deep 2

  • Advanced layout solutions and landing pages with display suite, context and panels
  • Advanced content solution with additional field types, references, image styles & flag module
  • Site building must-haves incl. pathauto & tokens
  • Improved editorial workflow with WYSIWYG & text formats

Advanced site building tools

  • Rules: automated workflows
  • Advanced views: relationships & arguments
  • Views contrib: Views Bulk Operations & Draggable views
  • Granular permissions with Organic Groups, Content Access & Taxonomy Access Control