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Drupal module development

Get up to speed with developing Drupal modules within a day. We will teach you fundamental concepts & best practices for developing with the Drupal framework and its essential APIs.


Drupal module development 1

  • Drupal concepts: hooks, don’t hack core
  • Best practices & coding standards
  • Writing a module: .info file, Menu items, Permissions
  • Important APIs: Field API, Form API, Database API
  • Entity API, EntityWrapper & Entity Property Info

Drupal module development 2

  • Creating custom entity types
  • CTools content type plugins for Panels
  • drush integrations

Extended modules

Developing modules with Rules

  • Providing conditions and actions
  • Exposing new events
  • Invoking Rules components from code
  • Exposing entity properties to Rules

Drupal module development

  • Drupal 8 style development in Drupal 7
  • Integrating remote data via  remote entities