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Drupal Commerce

For the following reasons, we think that Drupal Commerce is an ideal tool for web shops and e-commerce applications:

Based on Drupal

Fully integrated and designed entirely for Drupal, Drupal Commerce inherits all of Drupal's strengths: flexibility, open source, the wide distribution and ease of use. Auxiliary modules such as the Entity API, Views and Rules further leverages the strengths of the system - resulting in the ideal basis for flexible e-commerce solutions.

Fully customizable

Drupal commerce is able to grow with your company while being continuously adapting to changing needs. Relevant business logic and the structure of the web application is controlled by Rules and other configurations and is easily adjusted accordingly!


Drupal Commerce is developed under consideration of commonly used currencies, taxes and languages. Its price calculation component and extension modules make it easy to support alternative rates by currency, dynamic currency conversion or price display with or without a proven sales tax.


The core Drupal Commerce provides a complete administration system, a shopping cart and an order workflow. It supports multiple currencies and languages from the ground up, while a host of other features and usability enhancements are provided by extension modules.


Drupal Commerce provides a wide range of extension modules providing integrations with other services. For example, there are extensions for integrating with payment systems, ERP systems, social networks and more. Alternatively, all of its data can be accessed and processed automatically via web services.

Mobile ready

By the end of 2013 there will be more mobile devices on the planet than people - that's why "responsive web design" is a key point for Drupal. Based on this foundation, it is easy to develop mobile-friendly e-commerce solutions or to integrate mobile applications via the web service interface with Drupal Commerce.

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