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Drupal Training

We transform your employees into Drupal-ninjas! We support building up your corporate Drupal know-how by doing trainings for your editors, designers and developers. With many years of Drupal experience, we know exactly which techniques and tools will lead to your success.

Training Fundamentals

You want to get to know the popular open source CMS Drupal and use it in future websites or projects? Learn about the different opportunities of Drupal. With the large variety of modules there are literally no limits. This training gives you an overview of different use cases like presentations, editorial systems, intranets, community sites or shop systems.

Our fundamental Drupal introduction is prerequisite for all in-depth trainings.

You want to populate, manage and shape the content, texts and pages of your Drupal website? Learn about the basic architecture of Drupal websites and how you can use it to structure your content. After this training you will know the basics of HTML, SEO and content management in order to manage your content properly with Drupal. Building upon your previous knowledge you will get an overview about the usage of blogs, text formats, publishing and some insights into managing roles, permissions and views.

In-depth Drupal Trainings

You’ve taken your first steps with Drupal and want to learn more? With this training we will give you an overview about the most important Drupal modules and the right way to use and combine them. You will learn to create flexible websites – even without a working knowledge in programming - and you will be able to reach your goals faster through smart combinations of existing modules.

Specialisation areas: Drupal Commerce (e-commerce), Multilingual Drupal, Drupal module development, Drupal development in a team, or SEO for Drupal

You want to give your Drupal website its own look and feel with HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery? Learn to make your own Drupal theme and getting it adapted to your layout. Building upon your previous knowledge, you will get to know everything that is needed to give your web project a cutting-edge design and which tools are the best to use.

Specialisation areas: Responsive design with Drupal, Sass and Drupal, Accessible websites with Drupal, or Javascript development with Drupal

Get up to speed with developing Drupal modules within a day. We will teach you fundamental concepts & best practices for developing with the Drupal framework and its essential APIs.

Special trainings

During this training you’ll get to know one of Drupal’s most powerful extension - the Rules module. While getting started with simple examples you’ll learn about basic concepts and tips & tricks, making your life easier. After that, we’ll dive more into the matter, learn about useful accompanying modules and leverage some more advanced Rules features like loops, lists and the Rules scheduler. Finally, it will be shown how Rules can be extended with new events, conditions and actions.

This training is for those who want to get started with site building in Drupal 8 early!