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Hochqualitatives Drupal 8 Schulungsmaterial in Deutsch kostenlos verfügbar!

Last October Drupal Austria organized a full day long free workshop for getting started with Drupal 8 in Vienna. drunomics sponsored the event and I had the favour of presenting on Coding with Drupal 8. Meanwhile, Drupal Austria has got the recordings of the workshop up, the result: 4 hours of high-quality Drupal 8 training material in German:

The available tracks are:

Intro - by Nico Grienauer (grienauer)
Sitebuilding Part 1 - by Philipp Melab (pmelab) & Sebastian Siemssen (fubhy)
Sitebuilding Part 2 - by Philipp Melab (pmelab) & Sebastian Siemssen (fubhy)
Theming - by Christian Ziegler (criz)
Coding - by Wolfgang Ziegler (fago)
Entwicklungsumgebung - by Philipp Melab (pmelab) & Sebastian Siemssen (fubhy)

You can find the playlist with all recordings on Youtube here.